The Great Colorado Payback is liable for rejoining Coloradans with their lost or failed to remember assets.

Colorado Unclaimed Property even organizations forget about property and installments, once in a while bringing about unclaimed property which can be guaranteed. Partnerships, schools, clinics, and independent companies are additionally recorded among the numerous people whose resources are in the ownership of the State.

Cash or property went over to the State Treasury for care consistently has a place with the proprietor or beneficiary of the record and there are no time limits for filling your case. The Colorado State Treasurer presently keeps a rundown of over 1.7 million names of people just as organizations for whom property is accessible. Claim your Colorado Unclaimed PropertyNow!

Your Search Begins Here

To search for funds, enter a name in the name/business field; a specific order is not required (last name, first name, business name, etc.) To narrow your search results, enter a city or zip code.

Select the property(ies) you wish to claim. Initiate a new search for property reported under a different name but may be owed to you.

Once you have selected all properties you wish to claim, select “View Claimed Properties,” complete the claimant (your) information, and select your relationship to each property being claimed. You may be asked to provide supporting documentation in order to validate your right to claim to each property based on the relationship chosen.

Note: If you have received correspondence from the Great Colorado Payback that shows a Property ID, you may enter that number in the Property ID search box.

How to Contact Colorado Unclaimed Property The Great Colorado Payback Office


Denver Metro Area: (303) 866-6070

Toll Free Long Distance: (800) 825-2111

1580 Logan Street, Ste. 500
Denver, CO 80203

Office visits by appointment only

When sending an email, please only select one email address. Do not send an email to both addresses.

To inquire about claiming property or to check the status of a pending claim
send an email to: [email protected]

For holder related inquiries
send an email to: [email protected]