arizona unclaimed property

What Is Arizona Unclaimed Property?

Unclaimed Property is a monetary resource owed to an individual or business. Property is viewed as unclaimed when there has been no proprietor contact for a predefined timeframe, typically somewhere in the range of 1 and 3 years.

ARIZONA Unclaimed Property Unit

The reason for the Unclaimed Property Unit is to productively and successfully gather, protect, and disperse unclaimed property to the legitimate proprietors through brief and polite help, and to give instruction to people in general and holders about Unclaimed Property Laws.

Have you disregarded a checking or bank account, an old uncashed check, stock, safe store box, and so forth? Arizona is considered a “custodial state” and holds such property for the proprietors of lost or deserted property. Unclaimed property is accounted for to Arizona when the proprietor’s last realized location is situated in the state. The Arizona Department of Revenue is liable for discovering proprietors of unclaimed immaterial individual property went over to the state.

Arizona Department of Revenue

The Arizona Department of Revenue handles the state’s unclaimed property, which incorporates such things as cash, uncashed checks, drafts, state warrants, uncashed finance checks, premium profits or pay, investment funds and financial records, safe store box substance, credit adjusts, client excessive charges, unidentified settlements and protections.

Search now and make your claim

The State of Arizona holds unclaimed property as a custodian for the rightful owner. The state will return property to owners who provide proof showing their right to claim the property.

Please be aware that each claim is unique and that once your claim is received, the Unclaimed Property Unit may need to request additional information from you to support your claim. If this is the case, the Unit will contact you by telephone or in writing to explain the additional requirement and will allow you an opportunity to provide the additional evidence rather than denying your claim. If you have any questions or cannot provide the evidence requested, we recommend that you complete the claim form and submit the evidence you can provide along with a note explaining your circumstances. A claims specialist may be able to clarify and assist you with the evidence requirement. File your claim for free now!